Job Title : Chief Operations Officer, Educom World

Job Description.

Educational Communities Worldwide is an organisation that believes in the power of young people to build amazing careers and leverage on education to expand cultures across the world. This includes serving as community leaders and influencers, and eventually taking over the world. We derive revenue from brand partnerships, grants and donations, student registration revenue and direct to consumer sales (through our continental tours and learning opportunities).

Our ambition is to become the number one destination for the millions of smart and ambitious men and women out there whilst building a Malala-inspired education, culture and tour empire that’s admired the world round.

We’re looking to hire a Chief Operations Officer who can develop innovative brand partnerships and ensure that any brand that wants to reach the most amazing college students on the African continent will come through us.

This roles are open remotely. This role is open to male AND female candidates – we believe in diversity

Reporting Structure: Chief Operations Officer will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer and Board whilst working with the heads of our senior staff and regional directors


The Chief Operations Officer will be responsible for developing and securing innovative brand partnerships with some of the leading brands around the globe. Partnerships may be executed through our digital platform or off line programs.

Educational Communities Worldwide (Educom) is a startup and currently has its programs in progress. Founded by experienced entrepreneur and multiple

award winning innovator, Emmanuel Nyame, who is currently serving on the United Nations Foundation as an Ambassador and +SocialGood Connector, the goal of Educom is to bridge the gap in cross-cultural knowledge access and to prepare students for beneficial careers right after graduation.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to

· Identifying brands who have an interest in our community

· Building relationships with relevant brand managers, PR firms and marketing execs

· Developing creative proposals

· Following up to ensure the deal gets done

· Supporting execution of the proposals as needed

· Analyzing the success of brand partnership and creating relevant case studies


The ideal candidates will have an interest in developing innovative campaigns that are good for our community and effective for our brand partners. Good research skills, creativity and persistence is a must. If this role is for you, you’ll be excited to work in a fast paced environment and committed to working until the job is done.

Specific requirements include:

· Excellent English writing skills

· Ability to use PowerPoint

· Good relationships (or ability to develop relationships) with brand managers and marketing personnel for top brands across the world

· Experience in sales and business development

· Able to deliver on metrics-driven results and an understanding of analytics

· Excellent fund-raising ability


· Entry level result-driven remuneration with commission

· Opportunity to travel across Africa and interact with Africa’s leading voices and entrepreneurs

· Work from anywhere as long as you can keep in touch with Skype and Google Hangouts

· Work with a moderately fun team who prefer sweatpants over stilettos –> though feel free to keep your stilettos if you’re about that life.

Submit your application materials (Resume and Cover Letter) to