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Educational Communities Worldwide is on a mission to make a difference and impact as many young students as possible. We do this by growing and sustaining career interests of young students with compelling lifelong learning opportunities, strategies and funding.

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We believe that by providing both an incredible range of prospects together with our knowledge and expertise in education, we can help those who are most passionate about their careers to enter their respective careers and generate the type of skills necessary to make their journey a success. Join our community and see how we can help turn your vision into a thriving passion.

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We work with young students who have incredible career plans but require the technical resources to make it happen. We help mature their career visions, come up with strategies, identify their challenges and subsequently help build and boost their skills.

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We provide all of our students and community members with the key essentials that they need to succeed — new skills, dynamic work environment, research, self-discovery analysis, financial appraisal, team and leadership development, unparalleled support, and feedback from the best of the best. The end result? Incredible students that quickly enter their respective careers, skills reaching productivity, and students that are making a difference.

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We believe that our success comes from the long term relationships that we strive to form with our young students and community members — where our students can truly rely on us and become an extension of our family. We understand that anybody can find a great educational institution, but it is much harder to find a team with great chemistry that mimics your vision.

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We believe in creating impact the right way, using our strengths as an organisation to help our students grow and make their career dreams become a reality. It is about making an impact, building a brand, and creating an organisation that truly provides value to learners. That is what we are all about.

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Educational Communities Worldwide, a non-profit, relies on
verified donations to help fund free education for everyone globally.

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