Announcing transition of Educom’s Co-founder, Emmanuel Nyame

Emmanuel Nyame, along with Lawrence Fianko founded the organization based on their vision of sustainable, lifelong impact. Communications Director Kara Johnson had the opportunity to catch up with Nyame and chat about the present and future of Educational Communities Worldwide.


  1. As a co-founder and now CEO, what visions and goals did you have for the organization that are now coming true?

My vision for Educational Communities Worldwide predominantly is growth. We have been consistent in delivering our mission and want to build on our excellent track record to grow systematically. Our goals are to increase our regions of impact so more students can benefit from our programs and activities.


  1. What are your future goals for the organization?

My future goals reside in human capital. Without a strong team we would not have been able to do so much within a short period of time. So my goals are mainly centered around ensuring that we have the competence required to propel us to achieve beyond our mission.


  1. For those who don't know, what sorts of programs and resources does EduCom provide for the community?

Educom World prides itself with strong communications in skills development. It is necessary to help young students realize their capabilities early in life so they become self-reliant in achieving their career goals. It's one thing to get the best grades in school but quite another to use the knowledge acquired from school to improve one's skills set. We are happy to be doing well with our current partner schools and universities. Mentorships, internships and career coaching forms part of our core programing.


  1. What has been the most difficult part about starting and running an organization?

Trying to achieve 100% goals from the onset. However, due to constant coaching and advise from our Board of Directors, we have learnt to embrace each step of the journey as we achieve our goals one step at a time.


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