New Year Message From Founders of Educational Communities Worldwide


Dear Educomians, Students, Fellow Education Builders,

Time passes by really fast. We still remember the day we took the decision to start a non-
profit that would help students with personal development opportunities, back then. It was a
leap of faith. It was a decision made out of a believe that if your intentions are right then
things will pan itself. We have carried this belief as most of you would know as we design
programs at Educom World. Constantly asking the why and the intentions of us doing the
things we do; and to constantly put the students always ahead in mind.

It has indeed been a very eventful 2 years with lots of fond memories and not to discount
challenges along the way too. We are definitely proud to be part of a team that is so full of
heart in wanting to assist students. We have not been in any organisation where the heart
and spirit is so rightly placed. And we believe each and every one of you Educomians has
the right heart and with the best of genuine intent. Thank you very much for being our pillars
and foundation in delivering towards the vision of Educom World in being a global
educational opportunities provider. We know in the early days, it was tough to grapple with
things, and we thank you all too for being patient with us too in understanding what is
needed to be done to achieve that goal.

To our various partners locally, regionally, and globally…thank you very much from the
bottom of our hearts. It would have been impossible to achieve the things that we set out to
do without your support. Most importantly, to have partners that have total alignment to what
is needed to be done within the educational ecosystem is not easy to come by. We cannot
thank enough and we hope you will continue to support.
We sincerely hope that we have caused some dent in the ecosystem and that the new
leadership, Board of Directors and renewed focus will be able to take Educom World to
greater heights. All the very best to all.

Emmanuel Nyame

Lawrence Fianko.

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