Educational Communities Worldwide Inc.

Educational Communities Worldwide is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization on a mission to promote a sustained global impact community with decent work and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Our aim is to ensure sustained, inclusive economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work in addition to inclusive education and cultural awareness through internship placements and cross-border engagements.

Our History

Educational Communities Worldwide developed over the span of two years (2016-2018) as an idea to help young graduates gain employable skills while developing a level of integrity as a professional. University, business, community, and primary school partners determined that children needed a better grasp of mathematics and science (and fundamental literacy skills) along with an awareness of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) career opportunities in order to achieve academic success and see a reason to do the hard work required to succeed in technical subjects. Partners identified existing and lacking resources and strategies to meet these needs and designed group mentoring and after-school club programs to link resources and people with youth. These needs remain Educom’s focus today.

We want university students to become key stakeholders, forming their own future with the support of Educom Founders, Board, and management who have collectively volunteered some 20,000 hours of mentoring service to youth over several years. Their enthusiasm will forever provide career mentors, job shadowing and business tour opportunities, as well as support for consumable materials used in educational clubs on campuses.


Our Mission

To harness the power of quality education in the fight against unemployment and skills gaps, primarily through sustainable tourism, knowledge transfer, and lifelong learning opportunities for all..

The ILO’s World Employment and Social Outlook 2016, Trends for Youth report shows that the global number of unemployed youth is set to rise by half a million this year to reach 71 million – the first such increase in 3 years.

Of greater concern is the share and number of young people, often in emerging and developing countries, who live in extreme or moderate poverty despite having a job. In fact, 156 million or 37.7 per cent of working youth are in extreme or moderate poverty (compared to 26 per cent of working adults).

Education and tourism represent untapped resources in the fight against unemployment and skills gaps. They have enormous cultural power across the world.

Our Core Values

Our four core values embody our deepest beliefs and our highest aspirations. They are the guiding principles that drive and inform our organizational culture at every level—in the field, with partners and funders, throughout headquarters, in all we do.

These values also help us to consistently answer common, but important, questions such as: What does Educom believe? What drives our behavior and culture? They are guiding principles that reflect the organization’s actions. They are rocksolid, enduring and non-negotiable.

Our values are too important to be put in a frame and forgotten. We live our values with one another, with our partners and in all we do:



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