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Educational Communities Worldwide and The Force for Health® Network have partnered to increase health awareness among high school and college students in Ghana, West Africa.

Force for Health® Network runs a virtual health academy and equips members with apps that gamify fitness decisions. It also provides collaborative health solutions for well-being projects undertaken by schools and community organizations, and provides a global platform for participating communities to compete in fun, virtual challenges.
For example, one such challenge will motivate participants to get outside and MOVE, while finding special points of interest throughout the region and activating the virtual force fields through the app for points, prizes and recognition.

Force for Health will provide these resources, customized for Ghana, and the tech support required to run it throughout the country.

“We are donating the Force for Health Network basic tools for use throughout Ghana on behalf of our new partnership with EduCom.World. It is our mission to support the health and economic literacy of the populations we serve by leveraging local expertise, resources, and organizational structures, while developing mechanisms to create sustainable revenue to support this and similar programs,” communicated Dr Robert Gillio, co-founder of Force for Health.

The basic tools, which include informative videos about health, body and societal determinants of health, will be available to every person in Ghana. Force for Health encourages the use of its data to bring improvements in local and national health policies, and the setup and upkeep of a comprehensive health directory of all services and programs in the community.

EduCom.World provides educational opportunities, including but not limited to full-ride scholarships, internships, free school supplies, and online skills development courses to underprivileged students in Africa and around the world. “This is the first time EduCom is engaged in health. The biggest barrier EduCom will face on the ground is the limited infrastructure of technology and communication, chiefly in rural areas and tech illiteracy in the general populace,” remarked Lawrence Fianko, co-founder & CEO of EduCom.World

EduCom.World will involve schools and colleges in the TEAMS program, which gets students to address their community-centric issues. Such service-based learning will lay the groundwork for students interested in pursuing health-related professions.

Christabel Osei, Fatimah Basiru, Richard Asare and Michael Naab-Educom.World’s first scholarship beneficiaries who are also medical school students-will make the first TEAMS project. They will select health issues and work on solving them. Their solutions will represent Ghana when they compete with other such groups around the world. The scholarship recipients will also intern with Force for Health this year.