The general global outlook on the educational system of Ghana is one that is positive. From the 16th century through to the 19th century saw the structure of the country’s educational system adapting to a different style, finally settling on the British model of formal education. Today, Ghana’s educational system is often referenced as one of the best in Africa.This is, to a large extent, made evident by the ever- growing percentage of foreign nationals (especially from the sub region) in our Universities. 

Diverse factors influence this feat, among which are the country’s political stability, rich culture, and tourist attractions. However, Ghana is yet to fully and efficiently leverage her international positioning, strong educational structure, and natural tourism endowments for sustainable development.

Educom seeks to meet this need by making accessible learning opportunities through programs designed to educate and at the same time help the individual explore the world through travel and tourism.


  • Coursework Assistance for students in STEM fields

Many young people develop a phobia for mathematics and science oriented subjects in the early stages of their educational journeys. False notions that Mathematics and Science are extremely difficult hence reserved for only the exceptionally brilliant are partly responsible for these fears. To eradicate this inflicting limitation, our team of facilitators helps students to build confidence in their own ability to learn, understand and excel in their school coursework. We employ a holistic and practical approach to studies, factoring in the history and origin of science concepts; while encouraging constant practice by using examples that are relatable and hard-to-forget. We understand that every student has his or her own unique learning curve. That is why our tuition sessions are designed to be interactive and suitably paced.


  • Providing Knowledge Acquisition through Educational Trips

Tourist attractions provide us with the opportunity to learn about nature, gain rich historical knowledge and sometimes a chance to observe masterpieces of works crafted by great men preserved in time to serve as monuments. Visits to these sites leave the tourist with rich experiences and exclusive knowledge about the Ghanaian heritage; which may even influence the tourist’s perspective and personality.  EDUcom World recognizes the cultural value, historical and educational significance offered by these sites. Our regular all-year-round educational trips promises education and adventure as never experienced before.


  • Equipping Students with Job Preparation skills

Young people, graduates and non-graduates alike, are demanding for jobs from the government every day. However, a closer look at the situation reveals a skills gap between job seekers and the labour demands of the job market. Whiles EDUcom World encourages entrepreneurship, we also believe that meaningful work experience is required to build confidence, acquire knowledge, and to gain relevant soft skills and exposure in the world of business. Our solution involves offering opportunities for internships with corporate institutions, small business and start-ups in different fields of endeavor. That way, students gain some level of experience before seeking full time employment upon graduation.


  • Career and Personal Development

There is much to learn and do in order to constantly improve as individuals: how to present oneself in the business space, how to effectively sell your skills and experience, learning new skills and vocations, and more. Our experienced team of experts in education and business are well positioned to consult on career choices, and offer onoe-on-one guidance on personal development strategies.   EDUcom World also offers vocational training opportunities for young people interested in learning unique skills to assist them establish their own businesses.


Richmond Anku

Country Director, Ghana