An Initiative of Educom World In Partnership With Shining S.C.A.R.S

Ghana is a national currently undergoing a lot of development and Its schools and colleges are experiencing administrative, cultural and cognitive changes as well. There is pressure to incorporate the study of indigenous cultures into the already existing curriculum and to make schools relevant to the needs of students as well as the man-power needs of the governments. However, it is observed that the schools lack well-functioning systems of guidance and counseling to assist the students to meet their needs.

We aspire to build a generation of strong willed and determined students who become great leaders with a strong mindset and build their self-esteem.  The primary purpose of this program is to enlighten and guide students effectively through their study, determine and solve particular needs of students for an effective and enabling system of guidance and counseling. The secondary purpose is to implement an effectual guidance and counseling program for school systems utilizing appropriate components of both the local and the foreign counseling approaches.

Helping students achieve their educational goals is a main priority for Educom World. We want to build an enabling community where everyone one is encouraged and guided to do more.


There would be an online session where students will reach out to counsellors through and skype or Zoom platforms.

  1. Send an email with your contact details and problem or concern
  2. Officer in charge will reach out
  3. Have a discussion
  4. Find a solution to the problem

Collaboration with school counsellors to have a face to face discussion on the various issues at hand.