This program is designed to train and equip all participants to provide foundational leadership, people management and administrative skills. At a time in which most individuals, communities and organizations face enormous adaptive pressures, leadership and team work competencies which are critical to enable individuals and organizations to work together and strive for success.

In this training, students will have the opportunity to learn and apply problem solving skills, project management, people management, customer service, research and development, theories of leadership, management, clarifying the complex relationship among key concepts such as – leadership, leadership management, power, authority, influence, negotiation, and decision-making– establishing various theoretical frameworks for leadership practice.
During each module, participants should be prepared to fulfill leadership roles in simulations, role plays, demonstrations, and critical issue discussions related to the weekly topics, readings, and assignments.


Before you apply, check out the World of Work Program Outline 

1. Problem solving

This module is designed to equip participants with skills that aid help in solving problems as they come along. This will help in being versatile in the workplace and handle issues as they come up with critical thinking skills. Among other essential skills it will be good to list problem-solving on your resume. Problem-solving skills allow you to understand how to look at tasks and find more efficient ways to complete the task at hand. You can also bring new ideas and positive changes to your workplace, or contribute an idea, product, or service to the company.

• Active listening & Critical Thinking

• Problem identification

• Seeking and evaluation of possible solutions

• Implementation plan


2. Project management

Most jobs require some level of project management. Event planners use project management to ensure that events happen on schedule and within budget. Marketers use project management to be sure that plans are completed on time. Gaining project management as a skill is a highly valued, transferable and adaptive skill to share with a future employer, employee or team mates. It should also be considered as a skill on your resume.

• Strategic planning & management

• Project management in academia

• Project management in at the workplace

• Business analysis and management


3. Customer service

Customer service is fast becoming a critical skill needed to be successful in any job today, even in roles not typically associated with customer service. That’s because these skills go far beyond customerfacing roles. In today’s competitive workplace, your boss is your customer. Your employees are your customers. And your team mates are your customers. Treating those around you as customers will help you go far. Most job ads cite customer service skills as a requirement. Yet, only a few resumes contain the skill of customer service. This is a great time to update your resume with this extra skill!

• Interpersonal relations

• Handling customer complaints

• Professional attitude

• Business Ethics & Communication


4. Organizational skills

Organizational skill is an important skill that shouldn’t be overlooked. A good amount of job ads requires this skill as an advantage. This module focuses on your ability to organize your work, from your schedule to complex projects which can be stressful when time is of the essence.

• Stress Management

• Managing your work space

• Learning & Adaptation

• Leadership empowerment


5. Computer literacy Skills

Basic knowledge in computing, is an essential skill in achieving success in a job today. Experience with the use of Word, Spreadsheet and Database applications, can give you an even better chance of executing tasks effectively and efficiently. This module will also focus on basic tasks such as online research, the use of social media and composition of emails.

• Web and social skills

• Email

• Quick Book

• Microsoft office skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access etc)


6. Communication

This module is designed to guide participants how to effectively communicate with others to develop stronger interpersonal relationships with your coworkers and superiors and clients.

• Barriers to effective Communication at the workplace

• Verbal and Non-verbal communication

• Para-verbal messaging or communication

• Critical listening and response


7. Team Work

The purpose of this module is to highlight the importance of team work skills in driving creativity and innovation in the work place. It also teaches ways to increase efficiency by taking on more complex tasks (thinking outside the box), improve communication by facilitating open discussion and cooperation among team members, maximize output by leveraging each team member’s strengths, provide opportunities for personal growth, and act as a support mechanism for staff.

• Decision making

• Work Delegation & Coordination

• Effective team communication

• Conflict resolution and management

• Listening and communication


8. Initiative and Enterprise
Initiative and enterprise are important skills to used to develop new and better opportunities within your work environment. Being able to identify a need to improve something or situation is valuable for making your work more productive. Being enterprising goes beyond normal effort; it shows your enthusiasm to see your ideas into reality. Recognizing the need for a new opportunity or way of doing things can lead to a useful change in work practice. With the initiative to find better solutions to usual habits, you can improve the way you work and have a more effective outcome. Knowing how to take your ideas and put them into practice shows that you are eager for success. Take the steps to make your plan a reality.
• Entrepreneurship

• Creativity and innovation

• Leadership

• Commercial awareness

• Time management


9. Self-Management

The most valuable skill of all is crafting effective resumes and cover letters that truly highlight your skills. You can be the most skilled employee, but if you don’t communicate it through your resume and cover letter, you won’t be able to impress prospective employers. This module will help you to be the best in building and enriching your career profile and portfolio.

• Time management

• CV & Resume writing

• Mock Interviews

• Cover letters

• Multitasking