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HTBG Scholarship



As a longstanding supporter of education in Ghana, we are proud to initiate the ‘How to be global’ Scholarship, alongside Sarah Rapp, Founder of How To Be Global to enable more than 200 outstanding young students aged (4-12) years cover basic cost of their education every year. The scholarship is seeking candidates/guardians who have demonstrated genuine financial need.


Sarah Rapp, the founder of ‘How to be global’, was in Ghana last year where she visited Jamestown, the most probably poorest neighbourhood in Accra. She explains:
Emmanuel Nyame (left), and Sarah Rapp (right)

“Seeing these thousands of human beings who are just like you and me with literally nothing, broke my heart into pieces. I feel everyone just accepts that Africa is a poor and/or underprivileged continent but only a very few people make the effort to actually jump in and make a difference.

I don’t want to be the tourist who feels sorry the day I see these things — I want to make a change! That’s why I start this fundraising project. I want to make sure that these amazing girls and boys have the chance to go to the only school in Jamestown, get food and education which empowers them to shape a better future for themselves and the whole community.”

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How To Be Global Scholarships

Education is the cornerstone of sustainable development. There are currently 12 million young people (aged 0-14) in Ghana and over half of this population will not have the skills necessary to participate in the emerging global workforce. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) clearly recognize that this gap must be closed, as the international community more explicitly addresses the challenges of quality and equity in education.
At Educational Communities Worldwide, we are committed to preparing young people to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy by 2030. We are applying our core skills, experience, and global reach to make an impact through education, skills development, and access to opportunity, in line with SDGs 4 – Quality Education and 8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth.

What does the ‘HTBG’ Scholarship provide?

1. School fees
2. Examination fees
3. Catering & Meals
4. School study materials
5. Clothes & School Uniforms
6. Access to Educational opportunities.

selection criteria

Evidenced commitment to delivering positive change and academic excellence. Demonstrated financial need by parent or guardian. Track record of passionate attitude towards excellence and social development.

eligibility criteria

Beneficiaries/Students must be: Aged 05 – 12 years. Currently enrolled in school. Ghanaian nationality. Please note: These scholarships designed to help especially orphans and children from single parents.