About Internship for Impact

Internship for Impact creates a well-structured curriculum for tertiary students to have comprehensive internships with corporate institutions and small businesses in the USA, Canada and Africa. The internship, a minimum of one month, is designed as an opportunity for students to observe, learn and gain first hand experience of real world business solutions. Participants are rigorously engaged, monitored, evaluated, and receive hands-on guidance throughout the course of the program to ensure that it impacts their lives.

How Does Our Solution Help to Impact Partcipants?

Our model considers local community ethics and values while addressing specific skills gaps among young adults. Participants receive support from diverse community partners and stakeholders that are vested in strengthening the most fundamental skills needed to generate economic growth and entrepreneurial opportunities. We have found several forms and strategies for effectively engaging partners from all segments of our community in collaborative work to develop our young adults into better prepared individuals meeting the demands of our complex economic landscape. This includes one-on-one mentoring, job shadowing and skills training. Responsibilities of Host Organisations

Be Part of Internship for Impact

Didn’t see your country on the form? Be the first to host an intern or apply for an internship with us. Send an email with your request to info@educom.world