Our Promise

Here at Educational Communities, we all believe in the inherent value of the human person, of ALL people. We also believe in the power of education to change how people think and behave, so that they can grow and thrive. By providing educational training and workforce opportunities like internships for people ready to hit the next level in their personal and professional lives, growth occurs.

And by spanning three continents, the benefits that come from collaborating with people from different cultures and life experiences further adds to the benefit of what Educcational Communities can provide to others. Please explore our web site to see if there is some way Educational Communities can help you on your growth trajectory towards personal and professional success. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bonnie Green. Ph.D - President, Educational Communities Worldwide.


To harness the power of quality education in the fight against
unemployment and skills gaps, primarily through sustainable tourism,
knowledge transfer, and lifelong learning opportunities for all.
Emmanuel Nyame - Co-founder, Educational Communities Worldwide.

I believe we will liberate learners from chaos in my lifetime.

Educational Communities Worldwide works with young students who have incredible career plans but require the technical resources to make it happen. We help mature their career visions, come up with strategies, identify their challenges and subsequently help build and boost their skills.
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Core Values

Our four core values embody our deepest beliefs and our highest aspirations.
They are the guiding principles that drive and inform our organizational culture at every level.

Our values are too important to be put in a frame and forgotten.

These values also help us to consistently answer common, but important, questions such as: What does Educational Communities believe? What drives our behavior and culture? They are guiding principles that reflect the organization’s actions. They are rocksolid, enduring and non-negotiable.

We share responsibility, ideas and tools in a spirit of connection, collaboration and candor.