Based upon prior experience and expertise of our board, developed over the years we plan to offer the following services:

  • Assist business and industry, colleges and universities, preK–12 education, and public or governmental agencies in planning and executing the process of coalition-building in their own communities and schools, and community centers.
  • Provide a Web clearing house of resources and information regarding coalitionbuilding; authentic mentor program development, implementation, Support, and evaluation; best practices, model programs and standards, and current mentor research; exemplary mentor, leadership, and life-skills training; post–high school job training and higher education opportunities and links to people to consult with; and our career exploration resources and career mentors.
  • Organize conferences, seminars, and guest speakers to address mentoring, research, topics, resources for programs, etc.

  • Manage and expand Educom programs in all schools, and community centers that desire a program.

  • Provide for-fee consulting services, including orientations and workshops tailored for other organizations and businesses, as well as renewable certification to community members who wish to go through our training to enhance their effect iveness in similar programs or to train others in our methods.

Our “Train the Trainer” Consultants will certify others in business, higher education, K–12, and community organizations as providers of Educom orientations and training. We would re- certify every three years, including updated curriculum, best practice research, improved delivery strategies, improved pre- and post-test methods, etc.