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Juliet Opkou Mensah

Kwame Nkrumah University, Doctor of Optometry. 


December 25th ,2020, was a day my life took a major turning. My dreams were finally coming true. I received a message that faithful day that I had been accepted in the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science Technology to purse a degree in Doctor of Optometry(OD). I was on cloud nine when I saw this because I always wanted to be an Optometrist. ‘Juliet is going to be a doctor, she will check my eyes before I die’’. Those were words my Grandma used to tell me, sadly she didn’t live long to see with her own eyes .Though this may sound cliché, but right from childhood I knew what I wanted to with my life . I had always been fascinated about the unique way the eye was designed and how it works. I have a deep-rooted passion to help people living with eye conditions. To live with Glaucoma or any other disease related to eye is very exhausting for both the patient and family members , a fact I can personally attest to. 
Everytime I plan on deciding whether to apply or not for a university studies, the factor that pulls me back is affordability of undergraduate studies. I grew up in a middle class family in Kumasi, and my parents have always supported my siblings and I during schooling.They were determined to provide us with education which was accessible to them because of the difficult circumstances.Thanks to determination,hardwork and support I graduated high schools as a very good student.  
Dr Aggrey said, ”if u educate a man u educate 1 person but if u educate a woman u educate a whole nation”. I say that women have power; power to heal with just their presence, power to make the world a better place . The world will be the best place to live if women with deep-rooted passion like mine are given the opportunity and support they need. My parents and family are not I’m the position to fund my studies. Infect I had to work for two years after SHS in order to gather money for this year’s tuition fees. I really wish to get this scholarship through which i will have a chance to study and pave way for my life goals. It will give me freedom to study without thinking about the future and financial burden and relieving my parents from stress of not being able to support my education.  
This scholarship when granted will serve an extraordinary chance to interact with and scholars from diverse professional and cultural background coming from the society. This type of networking is very important for integration of different ideas and perspective pertaining to diverse global issues.  
At the end I would like to point out I am determined to make the most out of this scholarship program. I believe that being a student in my university would not only empower my career development, but it would also give me the tools to utilize my full potential.  I am grateful for your consideration. 

Christian Tetteh

Kwame Nkrumah University, Biochemistry.  

My name is Aryeh Tetteh Christian. I completed senior high school at Juaben Senior High School (SHS)  in the year 2019.Currently, I have gained admission to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) to offer an undergraduate degree program in biochemistry. I am writing this letter to express my situation for availing the scholarship for my undergraduate studies.

After completing senior high school, every time I plan on deciding whether to apply or not for the university studies the factor that pulls me back is the affordability of the undergraduate studies. I grew up in a middle class family. My parents got divorced when I was two years old and my dad took me to stay with him and my stepmom. Living with my stepmom was not easy because she maltreated me and was always bias towards me among her children. She did not create a conducive and enabling environment for me to grow up but my dad always supported me and made sure that I got the best of education. Unfortunately in 2012,the year I will never forget, I lost my dad. I had to go and stay with my grandfather since my mother was struggling to make ends meet. During my final year in JHS,I developed a swelling on my right leg and my grandfather took me to a herbalist to cure me, with time, my condition deteriorated and I was in immense pain but because I was about writing my final exams, I had to struggle through the pain and finish the exams. After completing JHS, my grandfather took me to a prayer camp because he felt someone was attacking me spiritually. My condition became so severe that pieces of the bone in my leg were coming out through a sore with a yellowish fluid. Out of the blue came mama Laddi, from Mama Laddi’s Children Home in Bolgatanga, it still amazes me today how she got to know about my situation in that period, she asked the social worker from her children’s home to take me to Holy Family Hospital in Techiman, it was there that I was informed I was suffering from a bone condition called osteomyelitis. I underwent a surgery and was able to go back to SHS. After a month in SHS, the condition resurfaced again. The doctors told me that I needed another surgery, so after completing SHS,I went to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital for the second surgery and now by the grace of God am healed. I developed a great interest in medical researching due to what I went through.

I aspire to be a medical researcher in future and studying biochemistry as an undergraduate degree program will help lay a great foundation and good stepping stone for me in my future aspiration. My professional goal is to help discover fast and effective ways to cure severe bone conditions like osteomyelitis and also extend my support to the needy and vulnerable in society.

My family can’t fund my undergraduate studies, because most of the income covers food cost, medicines and tuition of my younger siblings. I am determined to make the most out of the scholarship program. This scholarship opportunity I perceive as an extraordinary chance to interact with students and scholars from diverse professional and cultural background and this type of networking is very important.

I am grateful for considering my application and I look forward to a favorable reply. Thank you. 

Agyemang Badu Stephen

Kwame Nkrumah University,  Chemical Engineering

I was excited to read about the scholarship of educational communities worldwide and I would like to  state my strong will of applying for this scholarship of the institution which can really be helpful for me  to meet out my fee burden. My goal is to be in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi to pursue Bsc  Chemical Engineering. It has been my passion to be a chemical engineer since I started school. There is  one man in my community who has been my mentor from my infancy who is a chemical engineer and  has passion and love for his work. He always advises me on how to be a successful engineer and what  engineers do and as an engineer; you will have to help your community. Because of that, I took my  studies serious when I was in SHS. I learned hard and always was the first student in examination I took  part. I got aggregate ten (10) in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) examination. 

I got admission to study Chemical Engineering at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and  Technology (KNUST). I was happy that day because my goal and aspiration to be a chemical engineer has started, but I was also sad because this program to pursue in the university will go a long way to  benefit me, my family, my community and my country Ghana as a whole but money to pay my fees was  a problem for me.

Chemical engineer convert raw materials to useful product to satisfy human needs, chemical engineer  works at many places like where the manufacturer cosmetics, where they do drinks such as Coca-Cola,  Malta Guinness and many. And me to my goal, my vision is to help my family, my community and my country as a whole. I want  to establish business, train people in my community to work in that company for them to get something  to eat and also use some to cater for their children when I become a chemical engineer and also help  student in my community and even create some scholarship for the brilliant students in my community  when I become a chemical engineer. 

Despite coming from a disadvantaged background, my parents have always stressed the importance of  my academic success but it is not enough, so I would like to be given this scholarship in order to help  me pay for my tuition and hostel fees and money to buy laptop, handouts and even credits for my  research. 

I would like you to support me in order to reduce the pressure on my parents. My father is sixty eight  years and he is no more energetic to work and cater for the family and the only property he has is his  cocoa farm which have been turned into firewood, all the cocoa farm in Sefwi has turned into firewood so my sister who is single sends me chop money at times which is not enough but I manage. 

This scholarship shall be in all ways and respected. Scaffold my university ambitions without which my  stay in the university will be mirage. I promise candidly to learn assiduously to succeed in my academic  pursuit and to meet the purpose for which the scholarship shall be given to me. It will be a great  opportunity and of great importance for me to be given the scholarship to continue my education. Thank you for considering my application and I am looking forward to hear from you positively.