Bonnie Green, PhD.

Bonnie Green, PhD.

Bonnie A Green, Ph.D. is an experimental psychologist who specializing in research in the Science of Success ©, particularly as it relates to academic achievement and reducing recidivism.

Through the application of cognitive development, psychometrics, and mathematical modeling, Bonnie is seeking ways to improve educational access, achievement, and success for ALL students, Kindergarten through college, and beyond. In addition to teaching and mentoring undergraduate research students, Bonnie has been awarded more than five million dollars in grant money to further research understanding in academic achievement. She is the co-author of Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences, 4/e , Statistical Concepts: Assignments and Exercises for Students, 2/e and Measuring Humans: Fundamentals of Psychometrics in Selecting and Interpreting Tests.

Dr. Green holds the rank of Professor of Psychology at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. She also serves as the Vice President and Director of Research for Interdisciplinary Action Research Centers, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving vulnerable populations.  Dr. Green is on the Board of Directors for Eastern Psychological Association. Bonnie is pleased to be serving as the President of Educational Communities Worldwide, a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding students with personal development opportunities.

Dr. Green obtained her BS in Elementary Education from Penn State University and her MS. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Lehigh University, where she focused on research in cognitive development and quantitative psychology. Bonnie has conducted or supervised over 250 research/evaluation projects including topics in business, health, medicine, economics, and psychology.

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