Overseas electives boost both personal and professional development. It gives you a deeper insight to how developing world manage health condition with scarce resources.

Ghana is one of the fastest developing countries in Africa. Its geographical location makes it ideal for marvellous tourist attraction. Ranging from history, cultural, weather, and landmarks (waterfall, mountains, safaris). It’s the best place to visit if you have never been to Africa because you get a bit of everything.

Recently, there has been a shift towards the focus of developing the country’s health sector. The government in conjunction with other non-profit agency are welcoming ideas and contributions towards our health sector. Acute shortage of healthcare deliverables, equipments and personnel means that your contribution towards the health sector is held in high esteem.

How Can We Help You?

Are you a UK based student or health worker looking for a distinctive and exciting setting for your elective placement overseas? At Educom our placement expertise will work with you to provide with distinct and exciting clinical settings in Ghana with new and unusual cases and practices, coupled with unique cultural experience.

Our team of expertise consists of health care professional who have worked in both Ghana and abroad. Thus, they are aware of the of different experience in both worlds. By working with you, they will tailor your placement towards your field of learning (adults, child, mental health/learning disability), personal or university’s learning outcome and your clinical place of interest. You will have the opportunity to have access to places which would normally be impossible. We will provide you with supervising and support right from the beginning to the end.


This is to say; your placement experience is not only limited to practice and touring but the opportunity to develop good leadership and managerial skills which will contribute immensely to your CV and Portfolio.

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